Do It Yourself of Hire A Pro?

Dated: 06/23/2018

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Yesterday my neighbor took a needle-nose plier to her dryer. Today she is having a new dryer delivered.

Hearing her story made me realize I have shown quite a few homes lately that suffer from DIY fever - bad repairs done badly.

Sure there are plenty of great YouTube videos on how to install a new toilet, build a fence or retile a bathroom, but wouldn't you rather make sure the job is done correctly the first time? How many times have you tried to fix something only to discover you made the situation worse?

Unprofessional and untrained fixes can adversely affect your home's value. If you are considering selling this home in the future, you could be creating a very costly situation indeed, especially if they are safety concerns like plumbing, electrical, roof or foundation related.
A prospective buyer probably won't appreciate the pipe held up by a can and wrapped in gauze. A jerry-rigged fix shows the next potential owner that you failed to take proper care of your home. Worst of all, it raises questions aboutwhat else might be a problem with the house. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish. 

I often suggest a pre-listing inspection so a homeowner can see the property objectively. Yes, you must legally disclose anything you find but a pre-listing inspection can also give you peace of mind and the opportunity to fix whatever comes up before you go on the market.

If you are thinking about buying or selling in the Texas Hill Country give me a call at 512.363.2226 and we can discuss your needs. In the end, you'll benefit when you leave it to a pro. 
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