Mother Lode of Austin Maps!

Dated: 06/29/2018

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Spent some time recently on the Google looking for the best maps of Austin.  Austin neighborhoods, Austin area schools, Austin demographics, Austin politics, etc.  Holy cow, it’s the mother lode!

I found the City of Austin maps library!  The mother lode of Austin maps.

Demographics, you say?

Here are a few easy Austin map references:

Austin Neighborhoods


And a few random:

We’ll stop there.  Call us if you want in-person conversation, interpretation, input or opinion on any of this.



Julie Nelson is a licensed Realtor with eXp Realty in Austin, TX.  This map link list and most of her blog postings should not be construed as legal or professional advice.  Contact your favorite Austin relocation professionals in person for actual advice.  Julie can be reached at


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Julie Nelson

Licensed since 1999, Julie is a real estate veteran in Austin, TX. Realtor, trainer, coach, industry author, career strategist, Julie serves buyers and sellers throughout the Austin area. On a nation....

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    Giggle-snort! If I have to endure spam-mail that may or may not eventually be of value to me, please at least make me laugh out loud. You scored! Good marketing technique - I'll remember your agency and name, and that's invaluable. Thanks for the smiles! (if other recipients don't understand the reference, they didn't read the blog post thoroughly enough...)

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