The Truth About Real Estate

Dated: January 12 2021

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Everything you’ve been told about success is a LIE!! ?

Many of us were raised with certain beliefs about money…

“Money is the root of all evil”

“Rich people are greedy”

and my very least favorite -

“The more money I make, the less other people have”

If you have these beliefs - it’s not your fault! The system is BROKEN and designed to keep you (and your bank account) small. ?

Here’s the truth: money is essential, money can be used for good, and in an ethical business model - the more money YOU make, the more money OTHERS get too.

Here’s another truth: most brokerages do NOT have your best interest at heart. They sweet talk you into joining and keep you around because you earn them commissions. ?

If your brokerage isn’t giving you extra ways to earn income, you’re sharing money with THEM that you could be sharing with your family (don't worry - there's a solution. Keep reading...)

Here’s your third truth: it doesn’t have to be that way ?

eXp Realty gives back FIFTY percent of the company dollar to its agents, every single month, in our revenue sharing program. Top producers earn $16,000 in stock every single year (that alone has made countless millionaires because the stock is exploding!). And all agents earn equity in the company just for doing your job. ?

Let’s be honest, you probably got into real estate because it’s a great way to make a lot of money. And there is no shame in admitting that! Money is an amazing tool, and it can be used to help yourself, your family, and the world at large. ?

Jordan and I have BIG dreams, and making a lot of money is high on the list - but not for the reasons you may think.

Thanks to the eXp business model, our personal finances will be taken care of within a year. Which means we can essentially work full time on teaching the world about empowerment and financial literacy (and we’ll probably use our extra passive income on ads to spread the message even further).

Not to mention doing things like leaving $200 tips, retiring our parents, and donating lots of money to our favorite organizations. ???

We were all born with big dreams, and the truth is - it’s much harder to change the world if you’re broke.

And even if you don’t want to change the world - don’t you want to change YOUR world? What would you do with an extra $1,000 or $10,000/month? ?

If you’re ready to earn more money doing exactly what you do now, send me an email at

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