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Dated: January 12 2021

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What I learned from growing up in poverty!


Not only will this help you in life, but also in real estate (any other venture for that matter).


“Our biggest fear will either paralyze us, make you flee/fold, or motivate Us!

But, we get to decide!”

(Stay until the end for the FIVE biggest lessons to avoid this)!!



I don’t often share this aspect of what I learned from my upbringing, but my biggest fear is simple; ?


1. Unfulfilled potential. ?‍♂️?


2. Discovering my fulfilled potential wasn’t enough. ?


And, these both kinda translate to the fear of poverty and being average. ?


I have seen countless people outside myself struggle because of lack of money, and for anyone who tells you that money doesn’t matter has either never had any money before, or gave up.

(Harsh? No. True? Yes)!


I will definitely say that money can not buy happiness (that is an inside job and a habit).

BUT, poverty can NOT buy anything. ?


So, you may be wondering, what exactly did this moment of my life teach me? ?


It taught me to take action and make it happen. ?


It doesn’t matter what cards we are dealt with as long as we use them to our advantage. ?


No-one is going to come to save you. This is your life and it's 100% your responsibility. ?


I wouldn’t trade any part of my life because it is what got me to this moment! ???


Nothing is promised. And it doesn’t matter where we start but rather how we finish!


AND, being the marketing king that I am, here are the 5 BIGGEST  lessons to avoid poverty (even if you don't own a business).


? 1. Pay yourself first. At least 10% of every payment you receive.


? We often think that once we get paid that we are paying ourselves, however, when we take into account buying food, rent, pleasures, and the list goes on, and then we end up with very little left. So always pay yourself first. (You won't even notice that it's gone).


? 2. Make your money work for you instead of only working for money.


? One of the reasons why I love marketing is because I can make the money work for either myself or my clients. We can create an ad that brings back much more than we spent.


Or, real estate is the same way. You can buy a house or apartment and rent it out, or sell it for a higher return later on (you can also do flips).


And, outsourcing work to other people!


? 3. Only invest in what you know and understand.


? When I first started off I would invest in everything. I've lost money in businesses. Cryptocurrency. Oppoutnies and the list goes on.


Now, I only invest in people I believe in. Businesses I believe in. Real estate. Marketing, and of course, the MOST IMPORTANT ONE, yourself!


The best investment that you'll ever make is in yourself.


? 4. Create a budget audit.


? This one is so KEY!!


I've always been pretty frugal but I remember the first time I did this I was SHOCKED by how much money I was wasting.

Outside of rent and food, I was paying THOUSANDS of dollars a month on things I didn't need.


Now, I know exactly where every penny goes, and I always ask myself what is the ROI of this? Does it bring me more money? experience? Happiness, and longevity?


Living below your means now will allow you to live beyond your means in the future.


? 5. Learn a skill that allows you to make money on the side.

    - Never rely on just 1 income.


? The average millionaire has 7 streams of income and that is for very good reasons.


There are sales, real estate, cooking, photography, videography, affiliate marketing, writing, fitness, and the list goes on forever!! There are even people making millions just from playing games! (Even better to make it a hobby of yours).


Myself personally I have 2 different books, and a 3rd one is being finished. I work with people in real estate. I have many different marketing and coaching clients and sense my marketing agency offer full service this allows me to use that "one" income stream and multiple income streams. And, this is to just name a few.


? And, as always, to over-deliver for you - go read the book, The Richest Man In Babylon. This book will change your life and is super quick to read! ?


So, whatever life has thrown at you use it as your strength.


Here is your biggest takeaway: We can either let life get us to stop or use life to get us to where we’re going.

We get to choose.


This is your time! Dream bigger than you ever thought was possible! You are limitless!



What is the biggest lesson you have learned throughout life?

Comment below!


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